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Celebrating 125

In 2016, our festival has committed to celebrate 125th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada.

1891 marks the first and largest wave of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada. The immigrants made the difficult journey to Canada seeking a new life of cultural and economic freedom. Those original pioneers and the many waves of Ukrainians who have since made the same journey have contributed to building a strong, culturally rich and vibrant Canada.
The "Kanada-Ukraina 125" logo was designed by Oleh Lesiuk to commemorates 125 years of Ukrainian immigration to Canada.

The logo consists of three parts. The bottom part symbolizes four Waves of immigration to Canada. These are the waves of the ocean to be overcome, the waves of people that brought new hopes and dreams to a new land.

In the central part of the logo people transform into the three flying cranes. These powerful, intelligent and enduring birds appear often in Ukrainian music and folklore and are known in Canada as well. Zhuravli, as they are called in Ukrainian, are a long-standing symbol of migrating from one’s own nest to travel to far lands, possibly never to return again.

The group of cranes symbolizes a family as a foundation of society. Once settled in a new land they strive to desired heights. The national crest of Ukraine – the Golden Trident (Tryzub), superimposed on a blue crane, symbolizes the country of origin.